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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Collages and old greeting cards.

This post is not about linen or stitching, but as there are a lot of people who read this blog, but not Patra's Other Place, I am posting it here for maximum exposure to those who I think would be interested.
In the New Year, I take all our Christmas cards, cut off the personal greetings and put the pictures into a box to take to one of our local primary schools for the kids to do whatever they do with such things (collages? scrapbooking?). Last week, one of my elderly home care clients was having a clean-out, and had a box of VERY old greeting cards she was going to throw into the recycle bin. I asked if I could have them, and she was happy for me to take them off her hands. Now this lady is in her nineties, and the cards go back to the 1940's, as far as I can make out. Why I am mentioning this here, is because I know several blogging ladies who do these collages, and I thought they might like to have some of these cards. So before the cards join mine in the box destined for the primary school in early February, speak now or forever hold your peace. If you are interested in them, you can either email me direct, or leave a message here.


Maureen said...

am I being too cheeky in asking if I can share in your bounty?
My oldest card is one sent to my mother in about 1920.......I've scanned it and want to print it for use in CQ.....maybe some of yours would lend themselves to scanning and printing for art quilts.

Nicole said...

Gina, I would dearly love to have a share in this treasure of yours. I would like to do a swap with you though as I have some lovely things I think you might appreciate in return. XX Nicole. I have an email button on my blog if you wish.

Sharon said...

Yep G - me too... I have the sane idea as Maureen... If you could just spare a couple...:-)))

Gina E. said...

Hi girls,
Glad my cards will be going to good homes! Maureen, you are not at all cheeky - I am happy to share them around with my blogger friends. If I get a stack more requests, I will give priority to those of you who I already know through your blogs, and I know you three well!
Nicole, I couldn't find your email on your blog, but I think I have it elsewhere after our vintage swap.
Sharon, why not ask Pete to drive over one night (or on the weekend) and you can fossick through the box. My client has another two bags full, so I may be getting them this Friday, if she has had a chance to go through them.

Maggie Ann said...

Gina, how wonderful the cards must be. I thought at first you were going to say that you would post the pictures of them and would allow us to copy them off. Could you do that with a few too? Just wondoring....

Medieval Lady said...

Hi gina,
That's so neat. Now I'll keep repeating. No new projects! ;-) I have no clue why it never struck me to do it with my old cards. I hope your bloging friends post what they make.
Have a good day.