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Sunday, January 15, 2006

I'm back...feeling quite a bit happier now.

Thank you to all my friends in the blog community who have left kind messages here and at Patra's Other Place, relating to the death of my friend Claire. I still have the funeral to get through later this week, but I would rather be there to offer love and support to Claire's family, instead of giving in to my feelings and making it worse for others.
Anyway, this weekend has provided some unexpected nice surprises, which has taken the edge off my grief. Ken and I were to have friends staying with us overnight on Friday, but one of them was taken ill, so that didn't eventuate, which was probably just as well. On Saturday I was chatting to a friend online (she lives around the corner!) and when she mentioned they were at home that night, I invited them around for dinner. So we had the company of old friends for the evening, which cheered us up. And as a bonus, Sharon phoned that night to see how I was. Thanks Shaz - sorry I couldn't talk longer, but will catch up VERY soon.
Today was full of nice bonuses. Ken and I decided to get out of the house, and go for a drive into the country. We stopped for coffee at a place called Yea - next door to an antique shop where we have been many times previously. The lady who owns the shop is a Wildlife Rescue volunteer, and she often has baby orphaned animals with her in the shop. Today she had a one year old wombat with her, curled up fast asleep inside a rug on an antique chair! So cute!! But not only that - I found a stunning suppercloth displayed on a table - with gorgeous budgies embroidered around it - for $25! So out came the credit card...;-)
The day didn't end there. I had been watching an auction on eBay for four days, for a cloth embroidered with crinoline ladies. It had a starting price of about $12, but the seller had several close up photos of the embroidery, and it is absolutely exquisite. (I know I use that word with great abandon sometimes, but this truly is the most beautiful example I have seen. I have dealt with the seller before, and she only has top quality linens, so I know I won't be disappointed.) As I had expected, the bids came rolling in, pushing the price over $50. I waited until this morning, about 4 hours before the auction finished, and put a maximum bid of $100 on. Crossed my fingers and went out for the day! Came home tonight to find I had won the cloth - for just over $50!! Obviously the other bidders weren't prepared to fight it out with me! And still another bonus; the seller has thrown in another cloth for free - an unworked one to add to my stash of SINS.
So, dear friends, over my sadness, the sun still shines brightly.


Vintage Gal said...

Oh Patra, I can hardly wait to see pictures! I'm so sorry to hear of your friends death. I lost my best friend Mary just a year ago this month and there's not a day goes by that I don't miss her! Hugs my dear friend, Sher

Pam Kellogg said...

Hi Gina, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend but glad to know that you have some bright moments in your life right now. I love the story of the wombat! And I just can't wait to see your new treasures!

meggiecat said...

Oh, Gina, I'm sorry you've lost your friend but am glad to see that you have resilience.

Maggie Ann said...

Gina, I'm glad that over your sadness, there is sunshine. Isn't that just like the goodness of God?..You have my sympathy of course, in the passing of your dear friend. Your ebay wins sound exciting...yes, indeed. I'll look forward to seeing them when you post pics. We are leaving to visit our daughter for a week and I thought I'd pop over and let you know. As to my sidebar, you have always been in it...I love to come visit your blog. Your love of needlework is shared by me too...smile. Your collection is awesome. I don't make it over to your personal blog to often...its a time thing. You know how much time is eaten up while online. Its' fun..but oh, can it eat into a day...how about a week. Hugs for you as you mourn the passing of your friend. Every year of our life is a gift isn't it. I just had a birthday yesterday and am thankful for another year.