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Monday, November 07, 2005

Whittlesea Agricultural Show, country Victoria.

Whittlesea is actually an outer suburb of Melbourne, about half an hour's drive from where we live. They have a Show every year around this time; it's like most agricultural shows - farm animals, rides for the kids, showbags, junk food and best of all (for me!) a crafts pavilion which includes quilting and embroidery, cake decorating, baking, china painting, scrapbooking, etc. etc. I know a lady who usually wins several prizes for her knitting and embroidery, and I have been saying for years to Ken "Let's go to the Whittlesea Show this year". So, this year - we did. It was a hot day, and the showgrounds are dusty, but we had a good time. MOTH likes to pretend he is a farmer, and strolls around looking knowledgeably at farm machinery and livestock. I trailed after him, until I got too hot, then I insisted we find the craft pavilion. It was his turn to be bored! The standard of most of the work was very good, but Ken said "Why don't you enter this show next year - your work is just as good as any of this". So, I just might. I could put the above piece in - of a Tiger Moth plane...

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z_mnor said...


Tiger Moth, Calico Crossroads black kitty and The 3 Owlets are definitely look great to my eyes. But I personally think, the plane and the owls have a better chance of winning in a competition eventhough the black kitty is on my stitching wishlist.