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Saturday, November 26, 2005

And this is the last bargain for the week!

I just can't resist popping into opshops, even if I was only there the week before. You never know what might come in during the week! I always drop into a busy little opshop in Diamond Creek after I have worked with my last Home Care client for the day on Friday each week, as she lives not far from the shop. It is a tiny shopfront and inside it is a HUGE mess. Well, I shouldn't say that because somebody who works there might read this and be offended. Shall I say a huge INTERESTING mess? There are two rooms full of clothes and stuff, then out the back is a larger room with furniture, books, tins, ornaments, you name it. So today I wandered in and headed to where the manchester is piled up on shelves, and found this cute Peg apron for $1.50. I have a very old plastic thing that has seen better days, and have been meaning to replace it, and now I'm glad I waited. This is one that is tied around the waist, with a huge pocket in the front to hold the pegs. Mind you, I have several other embroidered peg bags and aprons, but they are much older than this, and are part of my collection - definitely not for everyday use!

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Medieval Lady said...

Hi Gina,
What a nice bargin! It's looks cute. Still working on catching up. ;-)