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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Lots of 'eye candy' - with apologies to those on dial-up!

I do not often have a week like this, where I have so much luck at op-shops. Today (Thursday) I had to go to Northcote (about a half hour drive from home) on a work-related matter, so once that was dealt with, I had the afternoon free to do as I liked. I always carry my Treasure Hunter's Guide in the car, so I checked it to see if there were any interesting spots over that side of town. Well! Did I strike gold!! So I have quite a number of pictures to post here. But first, I will post the items I described in last night's post. After I do that, I will write another comment about today's finds, and then more photos. All aboard!!


Miss Eagle said...

Can you tell me some more about The Treasure Hunter's Guide. It sounds like a good thing to live in my car.

Blessings & bliss

Gina E. said...

Hi E.C., if you click on August in my archives, you will find a post there where I have put a photo of the cover of this little book. I bought my copy in our local newsagent, and I know that Angus & Robertson stocked it when it first came out.