"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Saturday, November 05, 2005

In complete contrast to the peacock runner, I was bowled over (delighted!) when I unpacked this cloth. Linda, wait until you see it - possibly similar to one that you have? Not on gingham - the purple cloth has white lines woven into it, and the Chicken Scratch is stitched into those lines, leaving nothing at all showing on the reverse. This is a supper cloth, and an amazing feat of perfect stitching.
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Maggie Ann said...

Good Morning Gina. I wanted to come over special and thankyou for your kind and loving words. I love 'happy' feelings, don't you. You are a special person! And...your Chicken Scratch cloth is wonderful, what skill. Wouldn't you just love to be able to quickly meet the person who did this? What if it was a man, that would be shocking wouldn't it. Just kidding! I'm remembering back to the 'Anne' book where the fisherman father was laid up with something or another and began crocheting centerpieces for the table. Remember that part of one of her books? Oh, the blessings of Anne of Green Gables and her ups and downs.

Chloe said...

Just when you thought there was nothing more to learn about Chicken Scratch!


Lelia said...

WOW! This is soooo cooool! I will have to keep my eyes open for beautiful stitching like this. I don't usually go thru antique malls around here -- maybe I should ; )

Medieval Lady said...

Hi Gina,
That's just too cool. Very close to a techinque called diapering. I use when I paint certain manuscripts. It's so pretty. Of course I'm a wee bit biased as purple is one of my favorite colors. Thanks for sharing.

Chloe said...


I don't know what this form of embroidery is called - but I have just found some more: