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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Picassa is working again, so here are two more pics.

When Picassa is working properly, I do prefer them, despite having learnt how to post photos via Blogger. So here are two more pictures. One is of the fridge magnet that I posted the other day when I hadn't quite finished it, but I finished it off today with a blue border, and put the magnetic strips on the back, which unfortunately, show up in the photo! Still, I think it is nice, and I hope my swap friend will like it.
The crinoline lady is one of a pair of the same design, on large white linen squares. If they were oblong, I would have said they are pillowshams, but as they are square, they are more likely to be antimacassars...sorry if that is spelled incorrectly, but most of you reading this will know what I am talking about! These were auctioned twice on eBay before I bid for them. I saw them the first time around, and the photo didn't look crash hot, so I didn't bother bidding. The next time they were listed, they were at a lower price, and the photo was a bit better, but obviously still not good enough for the other C/Lady lovers out there, as I was the only bidder. I am sure if the seller had scanned them like I have here, she would have sold them for a lot more, as they are really lovely.

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