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Thursday, November 24, 2005

A profitable Op shopping day..

For me, anyway. I spent Wednesday afternoon with Linda and Sharon, going out for lunch before Christmas swamps everyone. Sharon directed us to a small suburban shopping centre which had more craft and secondhand shops in one area than anywhere else I have been! The other two were much more disciplined than me, but I did enjoy myself. Unfortunately I ran out of money and had to borrow $10 from Sharon in order to purchase 10 copies of an English cross stitch magazine at one opshop. But it was fun to browse through them when we got home, and plan what we will stitch...dream on, Gina..
As well as the magazines, I found a doiley with tiger lilies on it, a small cloth with roses in cross stitch, and at the craft (patchwork) shop I found a Semco traced linen kit of teacups, and a Leisure Arts cross stitch chart that I had been unsuccessfully bidding for on eBay in the past. As if I need any more kits and charts, but it is nice to have a choice. All right, MANY choices! My latest acquisitions are soaking in Napisan right now, so as soon as they are pressed I will scan them and post here.
That reminds me - I came by another doiley today, that is also soaking in the tub. One of my home care ladies had it on her table when I arrived this morning. She said "I was cleaning out the linen cupboard and was going to throw this out, it is so old and tatty now, but I thought you might like it". I did like it - very much. Yes, it is old (this lady has been married 60 years), the crocheted edge is coming adrift, and there is a small hole worn in the linen. But her embroidered robin redbreast is so beautifully done, it will be a lovely addition to my collection.


ms*robyn said...

ooh, I can't wait to see pictures !!!
and just what town were all these treasure caves? never know when I might be down ;)

AnneS said...

Sounds like you had a great shopping day out - I always say it's good for the soul :) BTW the peacock chart has arrived through the post compliments of my Mum, so I can get a copy to you :) I can either post it out to you, or perhaps on my next 5 days off we could finally get together for a coffee or something with Sharon and I can hand it over in person? :))

Gina E. said...

Hi ladies, visit Linda's blog (Chloes Place) for more details of where we went!