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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Next year's stitching goals.

Danielle over at A Peacocks Feather has posted some comments about her stitching goals for 2006. She has two blogs - one for what she stitches, and the other (Works In Progress) for the books she reads. The amount of reading and stitching she accomplishes simply floors me! But it got me thinking; I have seen a lot of these lists on the sidebars of other blogs, so I might have a go myself. I have promised myself (and certain other people in my family) for the last three years, that I would finish a particular UFO, but every year, I have got caught up in exchanges, round robins, and stitching gifts and cards for friends. Maybe if I publicly declare my goals for 2006, I will be duty bound to actually achieve them...time will tell.
I made a handwritten list of what I have stitched this year, and I am always surprised to see just how much I have done. But still none of my long term UFOs have been touched. Shall I put some of them on a separate list on my sidebar? Nah, the sidebar would run off the bottom of the screen. But I just said SOME of them. What would I start with, out of about 200 items? Oh, correction needed there - they are not all UFOs. Most are SINS.
For some reason, the link to A Peacocks Feather doesn't work for me. If you can't log into it either, just go to Works In Progress and find Danielle's link to her other blogs on her sidebar.


AnneS said...

I'm as bad with UFO's - a couple of years I made a pact that one day a week I would drag one out without fail (well, almost) and at least put 1 thread of floss into it ... I even made a list and chose a project at random every Tuesday night, so I'd have to stitch even those UFO's I disliked intensely - and it made a huge difference. I'm down to about 20-odd now, which is pretty good for me. Making stitching goals is a good idea, I think - dunno if I could ever stick to it, though ... I'll keep my rotation going for a while, and hopefully that'll help see some finishes ... one day!

AnneS said...

Actually, after reading both yours and Danielle's blogs, I think I might give it a try too ... could be fun at the end of the year next year to see what I actually achieved out of it :)