"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Corner Store block from "Pretty Little Mini Quilts"

In my post of 20th June, I mentioned at the end that I was planning to do some projects from the book Pretty Little Mini Quilts. I did the first one on Saturday night, while the kids next door kept everyone awake with a party in their back yard :-( I took myself up to my sewing room at the front of our house where the noise wasn't so loud, and made a 10 inch block of Lynn's pattern which she calls "Corner Store". The pattern is for a 17" x 22" quilt, but I always like to make one block of a pattern just to see how it looks. Lynn's quilt used red as the background, which was a bit strong for my taste, so I chose light blue. It was very easy - just cut 3" squares of back ground fabric, stitch bits on two corners, trim them back to 3" and join together! (That is a very simple explanation - it is a bit more involved than that!) Here are my 16 squares before I joined them.
I tried several combinations before I decided on the final one.


Miss 376 said...

Oh, I like how that's turned out. what are you going to do with all your blocks?

Joy V said...

I see you're getting the quilting bug. Looking good Gina.

Lyndel said...

oH I Like that, the final choice gave (to my eye), 2 stretched Stars in the center! love it