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Saturday, July 09, 2011

More opshop goodies!

I just posted these photos on the opshop blog so if you've visited that blog, you will have seen these. But if you haven't - read on. I was driving around the eastern suburbs today, on various messages, and took advantage of visiting opshops in places I hadn't been for a while. I struck gold! I'm not usually keen on long stitch, but this steam train is so beautifully done and well framed, that for $5, I had to buy it for Ken. He loves it! There is some writing on the back "From Grandma, 1999". How could anyone throw out a gift like this??
This very old card table cloth was just $2. It will come up well with a soak in Napisan. Don't you love that cute design of cards on the windmills!
Five large pieces of fabric for $3! That's what the friendly lady at the Rotary shop was going to charge me, but I told her that wasn't enough, and gave her $5. I still got the better end of that deal!
As if I haven't got enough Chicken Scratch in my collection...but not in this shade of gingham and not six lovely napkins - all for $3.


Lakshmi said...

Nice collections Gina..yeah I dont mind getting more linens to stitch with..I always like them..:) thank you Gina..:)

Gina E. said...

Lakshmi that is great - I'll sort some out and post them off to you...are you still at the same address?

Lakshmi said...

Yes GIna Im in that adress only..thanks a lott