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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update on Peacock CQ

It's been a busy day (and night). Here it is at 1.45 am on Wednesday, and I'm only just posting these photos!! The second day of the patchwork class was as much fun as the first. Everybody made great progress on their blocks, and were mostly pleased with their efforts. It is fascinating to see the difference in tastes of colours and embellishments. Some girls used pale pastel colours, others went for floral, while there were only two for us who chose vibrant darker colours. I took the first photo below with my camera, but still wasn't happy with the colour reproduction, so I stuck the block under the scanner, and while the colours are more accurate, I couldn't fit the whole block in the picture.
I have several blogging friends to thank for their donations to this project. Sharon gave me the little golden peacock ages ago. Liz in Kansas sent me beads, several lengths of cord, ribbon and perle cotton in peacock colours, and the tiny brass peacocks which are not on here yet, but will be. Another blog swap partner whose name escapes me at the moment, sent me several pieces of green fabrics which I've used here. The 'feather' item on the purple fabric above the centre is an ear-ring I found at an opshop. I still have some lace to attach, some more stitching to do and beads to add, and then it will have a border around it. But I've got some other things to do before I finish this, so don't hold your breath waiting for the finish!

I'm off to Kinglake Middle Primary School tomorrow to deliver the last of Lorna's fabric postcards. There are 120 students there, and I only have 66 postcards left, so after a discussion with one of the teachers, we decided to give one postcard to each family, as there are 77 families represented at the school. So I had to make up some more quick cards tonight to fill in the gap!


Miss 376 said...

You have been busy and they all look good. Hope you have a good time at the school

zetor said...

Such lovely work. I do like the peacock, the colours are beautiful.

Raspberry said...

Those trains are so cute. My little one prefers cars, so I stitch stuff up with that instead, but maybe he'll go through a train phase soon. :)

Sherri said...

Beautiful! I love the peacock colors.