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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And still more....

Like many of you, I continue to buy new patterns and stash, even though I know full well I have no hope of ever stitching them all. But you know how it is, you see something that is just so cute/pretty/stunning, you simply must have it in your stash. I've seen these patterns elsewhere on blogs and websites, and wondered where I could buy them. Somewhere along the line I stumbled across this great website called ABC Stitch Therapy (what a suitable name!), and discovered to my delight that they stocked just about all the patterns I have been after for months! These four arrived last week, and I have two more on the way. I've always loved the concept of mermaids, and hubby loves to fish, so this is destined to hang on a wall sometime soon!
Ladybirds are the cutest bugs, especially when they come in multicolours like these!
What is it about cupcakes that has taken the craft world by storm in recent years? They've been around since Adam was a boy, at every child's birthday party, and suddenly, what's old is new again.
This design is one of a series, but this is the only one I wanted. It is so typical of a cat who has just had his food placed on the floor in front of him, and he looks up at you as if to say "this is NOT what I ordered" - LOL!

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Joanne said...

They're all cute, love the ladybugs and the curvy mermaid!