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Monday, June 01, 2009

I've been shopping.

I went insane for a moment last week, and spent an awful amount of money that we can't afford right now, but I was depressed, so some retail therapy was in order. I don't look at eBay any more because of all the temptations, but the Antique Market at Eltham is just too hard to resist. I found all this there last Friday. I LOVE traycloths, and have a large collection of them (probably over 100), but can't resist adding to it, especially when these only cost $8 each!
This cloth cost $25, and I think I diddled myself. By that I mean that I'm pretty sure it is machine embroidered, not hand-stitched, and I don't usually buy machine stitched work. But this was so pretty.
I have so many suppercloths worked in this Assisi style of design, but this is the first one I've seen with tulips. Crocheted edge, perfect condition - and only $25! This cloth is beautifully stitched, and in excellent condition for its age. I was particularly keen to have it because a few years ago, I found a doiley made of this same fabric, with the same daffodil design stamped on it. I did the embroidery myself and had a friend do the crochet edge. This is a table runner, again beautifully stitched, with some cutwork in there as well, and a lovely edging. I probably wouldn't have looked twice at this, because I have several doilies with bluebirds on them, but this had the four little ones below pinned to it, with a price of $5, so I snapped it up. Sorry about the blurred photo; I was in a hurry to get all these done and obviously didn't focus properly. I just drool over these vintage doilies with their stitching perfection. This one is done in silk thread, and the crocheted edge has been done in the same thread. An art deco pair. I had a closer look at this pic earlier, and realised that the doiley on the left (partially under the other) is actually upside down - the back of it is showing instead of the front. You can understand why I didn't realise that at first; the stitching is so good on both sides that it is almost impossible to tell the difference. Another art deco style doiley, very pretty, don't you think?


Miss 376 said...

All very pretty, enjoyed the art deco ones as you don't see that many around

Judith said...

These are lovely Patra!I live in South Australia, and know Eltham.I bet the Market was lovely.There is something to be said for Shopping to lift the spirits!!Love what you're doing with the Fabric Postcards.

Doreen G said...

You did spend some money Gina but if it made you feel a lot better then it was good.
I love the bluebird set and the tulip cloth as well.
Good finds I reckon.

Joanne said...

Ooh, another lovely selection.

Sherri said...

Gina, they are all beautiful! Retail therapy is great for whatever ails you. You made some great choices for your collection.