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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A smaller spend up at Eltham Antiques..

On hearing that a friend had restocked her corner of the market with some new linens I just had to go and inspect them. I wasn't disappointed. And it didn't cost me much at all really - just $40. There was a huge pile of doilies and cloths, but here is what I brought home: A table runner and four napkins in Assisi work. Very old by the look of it, not done on Aida - it is on linen, and incredibly finely stitched. This is the reverse: Three of the napkins are just okay, but the fourth one... is badly torn where the napkin has obviously been folded for years, and the fabric has disintegrated. So I may just cut the stitched piece off and use it in a patchwork project.

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MargB said...

What beautiful Assisi work! And obviously so fine - the handiwork of that generation of stitchers was usually fine and amazing when you consider the lighting frequently available.