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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Embroiderers Guild Volunteers Day

Every year, our Guild puts on a morning tea to thank the volunteers who work there during the year. I've not been able to attend on previous years because of my work, but this year I was free to attend. I had a head cold coming on, but I dosed myself up with cold and flu tablets, which temporarily made me feel human again, and stopped the sneezing and sniffing, so I'm hoping I didn't spread too many germs there yesterday. The committee members provided a delicious morning tea with scones and cream, sandwiches, and all kinds of cakes and goodies. Good old fashioned country cookin'!
I knew some of the Country members would be present, so I took along a bundle of Fabric postcards from my Stitchin Fingers group. Just as well, because one of the ladies I met lived in Wandong, and told me that she and her husband lost everything in the fires except the clothes they were wearing at the time they were trying to defend their home against the fire. She talked at length about her experience of that day, and it was plain to see she was still very much traumatised by it. She apologised for 'rambling on' about it, and said that some people get bored with hearing about it because it was in the news for so long. I encouraged her to talk as much as she needed to, it is therapeutic to do so, and she agreed.
I told her about Stitchin Fingers and the Postcards group, and brought out my bundle to show her. She thought they were absolutely lovely, and was delighted when I invited her to choose one. She chose one of Lorna's cards, and said she will write to Lorna and thank her. Isn't that nice? That is why I want to give these cards to people personally, instead of just leaving them at one of the Recovery Centres. It is important that the recipients know the story behind them.


Miss 376 said...

Lovely that you had the opportunity to meet them in person

Eggs In My Pocket said...

How wonderful! It is always good to know the history on things and where they came from. blessings,Kathleen