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Saturday, June 04, 2005

New computer..

No, not for me - well, not yet anyway! Hubby had a phone call tonight from his mate at Megamart, to say the stocktake sale had started, and the laptop Ken was after had been reduced down to cost price (about A$800 off the original retail price). So we high-tailed it over there right after tea, and gave the poor old credit card a real beating:( When we got it home, Ken set it up immediately and started playing with it, calling out to me every five minutes to help him out. He worked out how to play a DVD (his primary reason for getting it), but he is not sufficiently computer literate to able to connect to the Internet tonight. Eventually we will be networking it to my computer so we can share the Broadband cable connection. As far as I am concerned the best thing about this purchase is that if/when my desktop computer crashes, at least I can jump on to the laptop and continue blogging etc. without being severely traumatised!!


Scribe with Gold said...

Hi Gina,
Sounds like your hubby got a great deal. What kind of lap top did you get? I have a tablet. I can use a special pen to write on the screen and it will later put it into type. I've had it roughly 3 years and I'm still learning how it works. lol Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Patty from IL
p.s. Scribe with gold is my main project blog.

Sharon said...

Tell Ken I am jealous... I can live in hope that one day I will gey mine too!!!!! L's of L to you both...

meggiecat said...


I saw your comment on my blog. Will you let me know if you ever do scan that autograph book or anything else you might want to share with the collage artists...please. Sharing is fun and it's just impossible to collect enough images... so printing them is the next best thing.

Kathy aka meggiecat

Gina E. said...

Hello Friends! Patty, our laptop is a Toshiba - that's all I can tell you. Ken has been playing with it for the last 6 hours, and had to prop his eyes open with matchsticks...But he has figured out how to play DVDs and CDs, and done a few other things to get used to using it before he actually gets connected to the internet.
Hi Sharon, next time we see you, I am sure Ken will be happy to show it off to you!
Kathy, I have just left a note on your blog about paper dolls, and also to let you know that I have put autograph book scans here - just for you - LOL!