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Friday, June 24, 2005

Love those Opportunity/Secondhand/Thrift Shops!

Whatever you call them in your country, they can be full of junk, or full of treasures, and a great resource for the crafty people. I was in luck this week. If you have read The Blank Page this week, you will see that S and I went opshopping, and I found a few treasures. A lovely tablecloth, some nice doilies and an apron - orange gingham with Chicken Scratch stitching! Then, on Thursday I popped into Savers, one of our largest thrift emporiums (doesn't that sound grand!) and lo and behold, tucked away among the mundane printed and plain tablecloths, I found a light purple gingham cloth...you guessed it - Chicken Scratch again!
S of The Blank Page and Linda at Chloe's Place wondered if the three of us could set up a blog for Opshoppers. We could source the various opshops we know of, give them a write-up, and wait for others around Melbourne (or Victoria - or anywhere in Oz for that matter) to put their twopenneth in with info. about their favourite spots. Linda has suggested to me that it might be better to do a Website, but I am not that technically advanced, so if it comes to doing that, I would hand the project over to someone who knows a lot more than me about such things!
And for something a little different...there are a few blogging friends around who love old embroidery transfers. Well, have a look at my latest eBay win!

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