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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

USA Independence Day

Happy July 4 to my American cyberspace friends! It's been all bad news on the media here, about the terrible fires and freak weather, so I guess many people won't have much to celebrate. I hope that whoever is reading my blog over there is safe and well, and will have a wonderful day.

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Catherine said...

Thank you Gina for the Holiday best wishes.

There have been mostly small fires here except for a large fire, 18,000 acres, at the Grand Canyon Skywalk. They closed their airstrip for a few days. I saw the smoke about a week ago and yesterday I could hear the planes dropping fire retardant. It should be contained by Friday. Millions of people have no electric on our east coast with 100F + temperatures. Terrible wind storm there about a week ago. We are fortunate, but soon as there are thunderstorms we will have fire. It is very dry and we are in a 19 year drought. Our Monsoon season is just starting and we are praying for rain.

Have a great weekend,