"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ten reasons why we should join sewing groups!

Linda Steele recently posted this list on her blog, and I was so inspired, I asked her permission to republish it here, and Linda was happy for me to do so.

Here is my list of the top 10 reasons to belong to a Group.

1. Inspiration.
Who cannot help but be inspired by other peoples' quilts.

2. Information
In our busy world it is impossible to keep up with everything going on.

3. Camaraderie
Sewing and quilting can be a solitary activity. Of course we all need time alone to prepare, design and achieve but it's good to show others what we are doing as well.

4. Critique
Honest feedback is hard to find in the quilting world. Family and friends are too close and often don't have the expertise. This is where a group with the skill to articulate and use the principles of Art and Design as their base is invaluable.

5. Insight
Everyone's work is different and it is very interesting to see how other people approach a theme or idea.

6. Competition
Nothing spurs you on like a little bit of friendly competition.

7. Support
Designing your own quilts and entering competitions can be tough and rejection is common. This is where groups can offer understanding, commiseration and encouragement.

8. Purpose
Self - esteem is often built on achievement and finishing a quilt or helping organise an activity is very rewarding.

9. Confidence
Advising, listening, supporting and sharing with others have the advantage of boosting our own confidence.

10. Friendship
I have met so many wonderful people including online friends through my quilting groups.

I have tried to be succinct in my descriptions of each reason so this is a blog post and not an essay. I realise the benefits of belonging to a group and while groups often help the community they are also helping us.


Miss 376 said...

For those that don't have, or can't get to local groups, the online quilting/stitching community is a real bonus. There are so many who are so supportive with their help and advice, I know I for one, would be lost without them

Joanne said...

I would add to that list "dedicated craft time". In the busy of life, it's too easy to put off craft time for other priorities that seem more important at the time. But the outlet of crafting is very important too and dedicated time in a sewing group is invaluable.