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Friday, July 27, 2012

Craft & Quilt Show, Melbourne.

Today I visited the Craft & Quilt Show at Jeff's Shed. Doreen (Creative Meanderings) is staying in Melbourne for a few days, so I picked her up on the way, and we spent a happy couple of hours at the show. I'd marked a couple of workshops and craft circle events that looked interesting, but in the end, we were just happy to wander up and down the aisles looking at all the stalls, and chatting to people. It was extremely crowded, and we stopped for coffee around midday to have a break from being pushed and shoved! But that's the way it usually is at these events, so you just accept it.
I took a list of things that I needed, and was determined not to get sucked into any impulse buys...
This nifty little jigger is something I wanted when I saw it advertised:  a light and magnifier that drapes over the sewing machine to make it easier to thread the needle - dying to try this out!  I spent precious minutes trying to thread my machine needle.  I believe modern sewing machines thread themselves?  Maybe one day I'll have one, but until then...

 I have been looking for ages for these quilt hangers to hang my wall quilts.  I'd measured my hangings and was able to buy the right size for them.
 Oh dear.  This was an impulse buy.  Chooky fabric for $15.
 And this was another impulse buy - blokes cars, for $12.  Ken likes both of these, but won't be seeing anything made with the car one - that's for a future Aussie Heroes quilt!
 This was an unexpected gift pack from Doreen, all handmade by her good self.  Gift tag, note book covered with lace and vintage picture, and a hand made card.  She said on her blog recently that she has lost her mojo of late.  Her mojo looks in pretty good shape to me!

I snapped Doreen while she was chatting to someone she knew on the Bernina stand.
I took a heap of photos of the Quilt show, but have posted them on another blog as I always do for quilt and craft shows. You can see them here.Craft & Quilt show


Miss 376 said...

Knew you wouldn't be able to walk passed the chooks!

Linens and Royals said...

I'm convinced you have the best shows in Victoria. Will be at Bundoora on 1st Sept. Hope you will be on duty that day. Sylvia

Doreen G said...

Thanks for the great day Gina it was fun.