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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Two more stitching samplers.

The TAST group on Stitchin Fingers is in its third week. I posted my Herringbone stitch sampler here two weeks ago, and since then I've done samples of Button hole Stitch and Detached Chain (Lazy Daisy) Stitch.
I'm not happy with either of these, for several reasons. Aida fabric is not suitable for some stitches and threads, and I've chosen the wrong ones for some of these. I never had any trouble with buttonhole stitch before, but I've always worked it on linen or other closely woven fabric, on top of stamped designs - and the same with buttonhole stitch. When/if I get time, I'll redo these samples on more suitable fabric. Don't hold your breath waiting, though!


Patty said...

I love seeing all the different stitches you're doing.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your sample stitches look great, shame about the video for your apron talk.