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Monday, June 02, 2008

All this for $8!!

There are op shops that are true thrift stores. Then there are opshops that pretend to be antique stores...at least the people working in them like to think they are, and price their stock accordingly. Our local Brotherhood of St.Lawrence op-shop is run by dear old ladies who are happy to get a few dollars for their charity, and don't haggle over prices if a customer thinks it is too high. I usually 'tip' them an extra dollar or two because their prices are ridiculously low! They don't get much in the way of vintage linen in there, but last week somebody must have dropped this lot in and I came at the right time! This is a "carver cloth" - something that was common pre-WW2, I believe. This is an excellent example on ecru linen. The next two photos are close ups of the exquisite stitching on the cloth.
Centrepiece on cotton. Closeup of centrepiece detail. This is one of a pair. And so is this, one of a pair.
Again, there are two of these napkins, probably made in China or the Phillipines, where a lot of this style of embroidery came from (and still does). I don't collect it usually, but this design is not as common as some of the others around, and I think it is lovely.


loulee1 said...

I love the oriental stuff.

Amelia said...

i love the carver cloth - gorgeous. i snap up old linens anytime i find them. do you know about Melbourne's collaborative op shopping blog 'I op therefore I am'


there are links there to maps and addresses of Melbourne's op shops. let me know if you are interested in joining.

regards, Amelia

Miss Eagle said...

I have never seen or heard of a carver clothe but this looks beautiful. Re prices at op-shops. Went into to our fave the other day to find signs about prices having been put up and signs on the wal for clothes and saying "we don't barter". I thought - oh well, the world is getting more expensive and this place has always been s-o-o cheap. Put my goodies on the counter - $3 please. Herself had a similar experience. Do they know we are regulars? Or do they know the toughies who come the raw prawn and the signs are for them?

Blessings and bliss

Plays with Needles said...

I've just been taking a gander around your site and love this napkin with Japanese lantern.