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Saturday, June 07, 2008

An old Vogart transfer

I've been buying up these plain tea towels whenever I find them, and they are HARD to find! I don't see them in retail stores - mostly on eBay or in second hand/opshops. They are perfect for my collection of vintage transfers, and I've done a few in recent years, as it makes a nice change from cross stitch all the time. I'm working on this one at the moment for a friend.


Patty said...

Gina, somehere in my online travels, I remember seeing tea towel fabric. You could order it by the yard and then cut in to whatever length of towel you wanted. You'd have to hem the ends too. I'll send you a link to the shop that sold it when I find it again. I am sure have it saved.

Patty said...

That's a cute towel, by the way.

Elmsley Rose said...

Hi :-)

I saw your comment on DragonSally's page - (she being one of my best friends :-) and thought I'd check out your blog.

I so wish I could be part of the Victorian Guild - but I live in Footscray and don't have transport. I e-mailed someone at the Guild and they confirmed there is nothing this side of town.

I'll be moving eventually - maybe it'll be back 'home' to the Eastern suburbs and then I can go to a group or two.

Mary Corbet of www.NeedlenThread.com did a post on Vogart Transfers
the other day.

She's interested in a lot of things- more historical than vintage but there is a bit of vintage in there - I remember her talking about linens a couple of times.

gives an overview of her blog.
(Here's me nattering away. It's 6am and pouring!)

I've got a link that might also interest you - All About Blanks http://www.allaboutblanks.com/Hankies.htm
for lace edged hankies and other linen made goodies