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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Am I about to start producing CQs????

Well, maybe! Karen has sent me a parcel of goodies as a swap for some crocheted doilies I sent her. She sent these lovely fabrics which look like chantung to me, but I'm not sure. After looking at her blog and seeing what she has done with similar fabrics, I feel like I could get started on something myself!
She also sent me some extras - a lovely embroidered table runner
And this magazine, which has several terrific articles about vintage aprons - thank you Karen!


Karen said...

hi Gina, the fabric is dupioni silk...my favorite to work with and easy to fall in love with!

Susan said...

Oh, I see that Karen already told you it's dupioni. It's one of my favorites. I only work with natural fibers - cotton, silk, linen, almost exclusively. Dupioni is my silk of choice, too. It's wonderful to stitch on!