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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Great new website!

Poor Ken. My long suffering husband is sitting patiently in the lounge room, wondering if and when we are going to have any dinner tonight. It's after 7 pm and I've spent much of this weekend on the computer. Just as well dinner will only take a few minutes to prepare (last night's cold roast chicken warmed up with a can of vegetable soup - great stand-by!).
So what has been so fascinating that I can't tear myself away from this little screen? For the past year, I have been adding stitching blogs and websites to my IE Favorites List, and decided it is about time I moved them from there to the sidebar of this blog. (I know, it's supposed to be on the side, but it's ended up at the bottom of the page somehow...). So of course I had to re-check them all to make sure they are worth a second (and third) visit, which took time. A lot of time. One of the newer sites I'd only had a cursory glance at, but when I had a closer look, I got sucked in well and truly.
SharonB has created a website like no other, for lovers of all kinds of textile crafts. Stitchin Fingers has Groups, Forums, Discussions, Tutorials, in fact just about everything you could wish for on a craft site. I've joined three groups, one of which is a working group where the members commit themselves to learning one new stitch each week and practising it, working variations of it, and so on. Sharon did this last year on her blog and this group has the same name "TAST, or Take A Stitch Tuesday".
Several of my blogging friends have already joined Stitchin Fingers, and I'm sure if you are reading this, and you check out the link, you'll see what the attraction is! See you there soon!

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Sharon said...

I knew you would like it...