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Monday, August 21, 2006

New links on my sidebar.

I spend a lot of my time online not only reading my favourite blogs, but clicking on their sidebar links to see what they're reading that I might have missed...and of course, as we all share common interests somewhere along the line, some of YOUR favourite blogs eventually get added to my list of favourite blogs! And of course when a new name pops up as a comment on one of my posts, I have to return the visit! One of my new additions is Diana - The Lone Beader, who does the most beautiful things with beads. I have a small collection of beads that I've bought at craft shows, with the intention of using them to embellish some of my cross stitch and other embroidery projects, but I can only remember using them once - to add sparkle to a cross stitch Xmas card!


Maggie Ann said...

I'll have to visit Diana's blog too and I added your world time site to my sidebar. I thought that was fascinating. Thanks Gina!

Maureen said...

Thanks for introducing me to "the Lone Beader".
I've just acquired a U-beuat printer,so hope to be able to print up some of those gorgeous old cards you sent earlier in the year!

Medieval Lady said...

Hi Gina,
I'm still learning how to add stuff but I like the idea. Also; thanks for making mention of the loan beader. I have a friend who makes flowers and even entire mini-gardens out of seed beeds. Most amazing stuff.
Have a great day.