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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Attention Lovers of embroidered Peacocks.

Just a reminder to anyone who missed my post a few days ago - I have removed all my embroidered peacocks from this blog and relocated them to a separarate blog Patra's Embroidered Peacocks.
And if you are interested in stitching a peacock (or two) for yourself, Pam Kellogg has created some designs based on my linens that you can download and use. Pam is a very talented designer and stitcher, and I think she is very generous to allow her readers to download her creations for free.


Pam Kellogg said...

Thank you so much for the link Gina! I'm going to be doing more of your peacocks when I have a little extra free time. We just got back from an antique flea market and I'm exhausted! But I saw so many beautiful vintage linens and thought about you quite a few times while looking at them!

miss*R said...

I will check the link out, thanks!
sharing patterns is a generous thing to do - oh, I know many make a living out of selling there patterns and I understand completely. But many just don't like sharing - I can't understand that. thankyou to Pam ! and thankyou Gina for sharing links xo

Chelle said...

I see you are branching out, the peacock site is a great idea! Thanks for the link to Pam's patterns. Very generous of both of you!