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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New Blog: Patra's Embroidered Peacocks!

Well, that was fun! I have just created my fifth blog (getting a bit precious, aren't we?), and the more I fiddle around, the more I learn. I have now transferred all my embroidered peacock pictures to the new blog, so Pam and anyone else who wants to play with them - go right ahead!
Another beneficial side effect of achieving this, is that I can now see which items in my collection I have scanned and recorded here. I was getting a tad confused, when they all started arriving from the U.S.A., and didn't feel like scrolling back to see whether or not I had included something. Now I know there are a couple of pieces in my collection that I still haven't scanned, so I will get on to that in the next few days. Incidentally, I won another two peacock doilies on ebay tonight - in Australia this time!
While on the subject of peacocks, I have a few swapcards featuring these lovely birds - would anyone like to see them as well as the linens?


Singular Stitches said...

Hi, Gina! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog (and thanks for leading me to a new blog to read - yours!)

Pam Kellogg said...

Oooh, count me in Gina! I'd just die to see your linen collection in person! Since the chances of me getting to Oz are quite small, I'm very thankful that you take the time to scan your pieces for your blog(s)!

Yes, would love to see more peacocks!