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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The last lot of linens - white work, crochet, and tatting. First page.

These are the last of the bag of linens I was given recently.  I have loved the job of cleaning them up and pressing them ready to photograph for the blog, and give to a new loving home in some cases!  I used the mauve cloth as a background because they would have got lost on a white background, and a brighter or darker colour would have drowned them.

Some lovely examples of filet crochet here.  I may keep these myself, unless one of my readers would LOVE to own them... but NOT to cut them up - I'd never forgive that!

This small cloth is possibly a guest towel but it is on very thin fabric.  Difficult to see here, but the stitching is (I think) pulled thread work on a very fine scale.

Crocheted mat, nice but nothing out of the ordinary.

The piece below looks very old to me.  It is unfinished cutwork, on some kind of fine fabric that could be silk.  I'll be taking this to our Guild next week to see if the ladies there can shed some light on it.
Two lengths of crocheted edging which are the same length as the shelves on my kitchen wall.  I'm thinking of attaching them somehow to the shelf - I love that olde world look!
This cloth is simply beautiful - so much work has gone into it.  The colour is hard to capture - it is darker than ecru, but not as yellow as the bottom photo suggests.  If I used a flash, it looks white, so I didn't.


Cathy said...

Your third picture does look to be pulled thread. Wonderful collection Gina. I like washing linens. It`s like opening a gift.

Sharon said...

If you weren't going to take the second filet crochet with the butterflies I would love to have a look at that one... I can see a place for it already in my house... BUT not under the scissors!!!!! x

Linens and Royals said...

I think the 2 lengths of crocheted edging would look good on the edge of a kitchen shelf. A few weeks ago I placed a crocheted length above my dressing table mirror. I used double sided tape, looks good and hasn't fallen off yet. Sylvia

Wendy said...

I would be delighted to receive any of the ones you choose not to keep. I am just stunned by all the lovely goodies you have here. And of course you know they would be coming to a good home.:) Hope you have a great day.