"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Peacock sampler update.

I did some work on my Peacock sampler at the Guild on Tuesday.  I had shown it to some ladies at the Guild last week, and asked their opinion of my choice of colours.  I said I'd thought about introducing a third colour by stitching some of the motifs in yellow or teal to add some colour.   K.  suggested using teal (blue/green) on just the tail of all the peacock motifs, and maybe added gold or silver filament to the purple for some of the other motifs.  I didn't get to finish the second peacock this week, but I'm happy with the way the tail looks.

I found this book in an opshop today, for $2.  I know of Margaret Rolfe, in fact I have one of her other books on patchwork designs.  This book was first published in 1987, and I've just spent most of tonight reading it...just like a good novel - I couldn't put it down!  So many fascinating stories about the quilts made here in Australia by pioneers, and later, quilts made by women during the two world wars.  A very important historical document if one is interested in the history of quilts.


Anonymous said...

Your peacocks will be so pretty, and I love the colors~ The tail in teal is pretty~ Can't wait to see more. Your book also sounds very interesting~ I love history anyways~ ♥♥♥

Annie said...

Looks very pretty so far. You are so good about doing that gridding. Gridding is like doing your gauge swatches in knitting for me. I always skip over that part and then regret it later!

Wendy said...

Looking good so far! This will be a great sampler when you are finished.

Sharon said...

Your peacocks look great G... I haven't made a start on mine - have gone off on another tangent :) as always... I have read parts of that - I think I borrowed it from the library... Speak soon.. Take care x x