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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Table cloth, Huckabuck guest towels

Apart from the white and ecru cloths, there is one done with coloured threads.  The stitching is exquisite, just perfect when you look at the back. (but neither of these photos are of the back)

There was one tray cloth:
And three huckabuck hand towels.  I love these old fashioned towels and usually have one or two on the towel rack in the bathroom, regardless of whether we are expecting guests!

The photo below is of an unfinished duchess set, started by Mrs H (the lady who gave me all these linens)
I saw it sticking out of a box of tapestries, and asked Mrs H about it.  She pulled it out and had a good look, then decided she would never finish it, so gave it to me, a bit surprised that I would want somebody else's unfinished work.  I think it is gorgeous; it only needs the purple background pattern and a bit of leaf and petal, then I 'll ask one of our Guild ladies to crochet around the edges for me :-)

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