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Saturday, May 04, 2013

I am such a dill with technology!

Last Tuesday I finally got the nerve to load the bobbin and thread the machine. Another half hour studying the instruction book, and I put a piece of scrap fabric in and pressed the pedal. WAAAA! Massive thread tangle on the back! Turned out I hadn't run the top thread through properly. Nor could I figure out how to use the needle threader, so I did that by hand and eye....Long way to go before I start making stuff! I'll be heading back to the shop for a five minute refresher course next week.
My own fault - I should have unpacked it and started playing with it the same day I picked it up while the lessons were fresh in my mind.
However, once I'd re-threaded it properly, I was able to try out a few stitches, changing the length and width of them, and trying out the various functions of the computer buttons. I did a zig zag edge around my peacock sampler, as it was starting to fray, and I had no problem with machining that.

I'll get it out again this weekend and play a bit more with the standard foot, then I might try out the other feet and see what happens. I'm dying to try the buttonhole stitch, as there are so many applique projects I've had on hold because my hands ache so much when I do a lot of button hole stitch by hand.

I don't know how others manage, but I am no good at learning something unless I'm actually shown how to do it. I'm no good at teaching myself computer stuff from books, although I can figure out embroidery stitches from a good book. Fortunately for me, there is usually someone around to show me what I need to know. For instance, I have never done a Powerpoint presentation, although I've been to many, and thought what a great way to illustrate what you are talking about. While I was drafting my speech about my peacock collection, I was wondering what would be the best way to show some of the smaller items in my collection, and I remembered the Guild ladies' Powerpoint presentation at Bundoora Homestead last month. So when I was on volunteer duty at the Guild on Thursday, I asked Jenny (the admin. lady) if she knew anything about it. Silly question! Our Jenny is very clever with all things computer-related, and she showed me on her computer how it is done. She said if I make a start on it at home and load my pictures and text on to a USB stick, she will show me how to set it up at the Guild with their computer and projector in plenty of time for my talk in June.

When I got home on Thursday, I turned my computer on, looked up the programs, and there it was - Powerpoint 2007, just like Jenny had shown me! So I had a bit of a play with stuff I had on the hard drive, and it wasn't difficult at all. I'll be busy over the next week or so taking pics of my peacocks and putting labels on them. See what happens when you put something into practice immediately?


Annie said...

Gina, you are so funny. Dragging you into the 21st century, but definitely getting you there!

Glad you are beginning to bond with the new machine!

Christine M said...

I'm sure you'll get there Gina, both the machine and power point!

Linens and Royals said...

After reading this post I went and gave my old Singer a hug and begged it never to let me down. I'm sure you'll get the hang of your machine soon. I know I will never be able to use a new machine. Sylvia.

Joy V said...

Gina, once you've had a couple of lessons you will be fine. In no time you will LOVE your new machine! A good idea when playing is to have a 'sampler' piece and write the stitch name, size etc next to it, so you will know next time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina,
Wow, I could have written this post! I learn by seeing and not by reading. Written instructions are confusing to me most the time too. I always remember giving the instructions to my mom or my husband and now my girls and watching them figure it out. LOL

Congrats on a new machine though~ ♥♥♥