"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Friday, October 07, 2011

Quilt UFO at opshop.

I have volunteered to work at our Brotherhood Of St Lawrence opshop for two half days a week, and am thoroughly enjoying the experience of helping to sort out all the stuff that people donate every day. This morning I found this unfinished quilt, and asked the manager to price it so I could buy it. She said she didn't really know what they would put on it, and asked me to suggest an amount. I said $10, and she was happy with that, as most of the goods in the shop are under $10. It has the batting and backing, and has been partially hand quilted, so that needs to be finished off, and the binding added. I've brought it home so I can send it to Jan, to finish off and add to her next shipment of OzComfort Quilts. I hoping she will be able to finish off the quilting by machine, as it would take ages to finish by hand, and Jan does so many quilts for her OzComfort Quilts, I hate to think I might have given her an extra workload! Tiger kept on strolling in front of the quilt every time I tried to take a photo, so after three attempts, I just left him there!

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