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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Mini Xmas stockings, mug rugs and coasters

Jan over at Oz Comfort Quilts has asked her followers if they would make some little Xmas stockings to be distributed to needy children via various charities. I have had a pattern for these for a while now, and was glad to use it for one of Jan's charity projects. I'm sending them on to her with my recently completed quilt top. I exchanged mug rugs with Jean in New Zealand a while ago, but have only just got around to photographing the rug she did for me. We had a giggle over the size of hers - it was the first one she'd done, and when she received mine, she realised hers was a tad large! But I assured her it didn't matter - mats of any size are useful on coffee tables - our remote control caddy sits nicely on this.
This mug rug is from Wendy in the USA - another exchange partner. I sent her a mug rug, tea towel, napkins and Tim Tams, and in return she sent me this lovely mat, two sets of beautiful coasters, and a packet of chocolate flavoured licorice. I'm afraid I wasn't too keen on that, so I shared it with my American friend here, and Ken has scoffed the rest of it!

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Wendy said...

So sorry you did not like the licorice....I eat it all the time and thought you might like it since you like licorice....glad you liked everything else.....