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Monday, October 17, 2011

How to make mini Christmas stockings.

Last week I posted a photo of some mini Christmas stockings I'd made for a charity group. I made some more this weekend, and took a couple of photos as I went along, as a few people have asked me how I made them. First step is to cut strips of Xmas themed fabric and sew them on to calico or other foundation fabric on the angle as shown here. (I'm sure most of you would know what to do here - the first strip is face up, sew the next strip face down on the first, press back, and so on). Next step is to make a template of the stocking, and cut out two from the strips, remembering to reverse the template for the second cut. Sew bias binding across the top of each piece, lay them right sides together, sew up all around to the top, and turn right side out. The first time I did this, I sewed the bias binding to the top after I'd stitched the stocking pieces together, but it was so fiddly, I did it the easy way this time. It probably isn't as neat as some people would like, but hey, they are going to be filled with candy and given to underpriviledged children - do you think they will care about a bit of untidy binding?? I nearly forgot - add a piece of ribbon or ric rac to the stocking somewhere, so it can be hung from a Xmas tree or whatever.

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Yesteryear Embroideries said...

These are sweet! Blessings,Kathleen