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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two of my projects, and Jane's Humbug.

Today I finished this postcard for Jasmine in the U.S.A., who is my swap partner for the April FPC exchange on Stitchin Fingers. The theme was 'mixed media' and at first I wasn't going to participate, as I don't use paper, felt, or other exotic stuff on my fabric postcards! But I changed my mind when I thought about what I can use, so this FPC includes fabrics, laces, ric rac, beads, buttons, sequins and two metallic motifs (tiny butterfly and red flower). Do you think that fulfills the 'mixed media' criteria?
I am still in love with Sunbonnet Sue and her friends after doing two appliques last month, and today I caved in and did two more to complete my 'block' on the pink napkin. So I have Sunbonnet Sue, Oriental Sue, Sunhat Sam, and Wind Blown Sue! Three of them still have to be stitched on and embellished, but I'll leave them alone for a bit, while I get on with my UFOs. This Sue block has a purpose, believe it or not. I want to make a small quilt for each of Ken's great (grand?) nieces (his niece's daughters), using the Sunbonnet Sue character on them, so I'm going to show this block to them and their Mum, and let them choose which "Sue" they want on their quilts.
One of my favourite Stitchin Fingers swap partners is Jane in England. We have just completed an exchange of Humbugs. I posted a pic of mine here a few weeks ago, and here is Jane's Humbug, which arrived in the mail today. Isn't it gorgeous?! I was lucky to actually get this. Jane told me that while she was making it, one of her sons took a liking to it, and it kept vanishing from her desk!! Jane is a very talented lady, who dabbles in many crafts other than cross stitch. Here is a link to her blog. She makes beautiful cards, and sent this one to accompany her Humbug. Thank you very much, Jane - I love everything as usual!

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Miss 376 said...

I was a bit worried that the day after I put it in the post, British air space was closed due to the volcanic ash cloud. I thought it might get lost in all the delays. So glad it got to you safely