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Friday, April 16, 2010

My birthday postcards!

It was finally my turn to receive fabric postcards from the other seven girls in our Birthday swap FPC Group on Stitchin Fingers. I have received six so far - and one of those is an extra from someone who is not even in this group! Thank you, Mary Lou - it was a lovely surprise! Above: From Liz in Kansas and Sue in England. Above: From Sheila in Scotland and Mary Lou in Canada. Above: From Joy here in Victoria, and Lorna in England. Sheila and Lorna sent extra goodies! From Sheila came these huge sheets of alphabet transfers, and a darling little cross stitch peacock card. Lorna sent another hand made card and a fridge magnet.
Thank you all very much - this has been such a fabulous group of girls to swap with!


Janny said...

Happy Birthday Gina...!
cheers Janny

artymess said...

You're more than welcome Gina ...it was a pleasure .....Lorna xx

Anonymous said...

The cards are lovely. Hope you had a happy day on your special day.