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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Lovely Assisi work by a friend.

My friend Val is more a Paper person than a Fabric person, but like many of us she is interested in most crafts from a distance! However, when I started showing her my cross stitch work, she fell in love with Assisi stitching, so I guided her along by having an SAL, where we both embroidered a Lyrebird in Assisi. Val finished hers first, months before me; in fact she eventually took mine over and finished it for me!
Since then she has been finding small cross stitch projects to work on, and I asked her permission to put some of them on my blog (she doesn't have a working blog right now). So here is Val's work: Aren't these two exquisite? Val chose her own colours instead of using what was suggested in the pattern, and I think hers are much better (although the original design was very pretty too, in deference to the designer!)
For anyone who is wondering what I'm working on since I finished my Sunbonnet Sue applique, I am now back working on a UFO, but I can't put a picture of it here because it is to be a gift for Someone Who Reads This Blog.;-)


Doreen G said...

Val's stitching is beautiful Gina.
Well done Val

Miss 376 said...

They are lovely pieces. Amazing how different the same piece can be using another colour