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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A little bit of eye candy.

A stitching blog without pictures can be boring, so I took a few photos of odds and ends today. The UFO I am currently working on - a Round Robin completed in 2003, but never finished off by me. This shows the top half. I'm stitching wattle down the centre, and am trying to decide if I should add the same wattle design horizontally between the rows. Each design is so small, I feel the whole thing needs borders and stuff to fill all that empty space!
Took another break from UFO work to start another "Sue" applique. This one is called "Oriental Sue". I still have to do the blanket stitch around it, and add some small embellishment, but not too much, as the Japanese fabric is enough on its own.
These patterns arrived in the mail today from ABC Stitch Therapy in the USA. This is a super mail order company to deal with! Very friendly service, and a fabulous array of stuff to choose from. I couldn't resist this cross looking rooster. I may do two - one for Ken and one for a friend whose family love chooks like us. Another cheerful cupcake cross stitch - I have this one in mind for a friend who has been going through tough times in the past year..
I found this at a local opshop today - 6 metres of calico for $10. One can never have enough calico ;-)

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