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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Works in Progress.

Ken's Mum needed a minor medical procedure on Friday, and she was transported to the medical centre by the non-urgent ambulance transport service. I met her there and waited while the procedure was carried out, ready to take her back home. The doctor wasn't happy with the result, so he organised for her to have an X-ray to have a closer look at her throat. I drove her to the hospital where this was done, then drove her home. I left my home at 9.30 am and didn't get back until 4.30 pm - a much longer day than what I had anticipated! But it worked out well for my stitching progress - all that time in waiting rooms! If you look at the post previous to the last one, you can see how much I achieved on this little redwork yesterday.
I've been working on this bookmark/wall hanging mostly at nights, or during the day when I've had some spare time. Again, if you compare it to the previous photo last week, you can see how much I've done! Not finished yet, but nearly there. This was one of those fiddly little things that I dropped in favour of something more interesting, so I'll be glad when it's completed.


Miss 376 said...

Great progress, they won't be UFO's for much longer. Hope your MIL will be ok

Aussie Stitcher said...

You certainly made great progress on the red work, chhok lady and her chickens are very cute. Wips, MMMM I have many, though a couple are close to being finished ;).

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Hope your MIL is doing better. Wonderful redwork. blessings,Kathleen

Anne S said...

You're making great headway on the chook lady - looks great :D