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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My UFO list for this year.

These are the unfinished projects that I plan to work on this year, and hopefully complete. The majority are so close to being finished that each one would probably take a couple of hours to complete. But as we all know, life gets in the way, so I'll be happy if most of them are done by the end of this year.
I bought this duchess set on eBay about 5 years ago. The doilies were nearly finished, but the centrepiece hadn't been started, and I had great fun selecting colours for the peacock. But once he was done I lost interest! And he isn't QUITE finished - there is one tail feather not finished, and his topknot still to do.
This crazy patch block is not very old - I started it last year, and only have a bit more embellishing to do before I put a border around it, and the backing.
This is supposed to end up as a bookmark, but I'm going to put it on a tiny hanger and display it. It is a silhouette of two people dancing, with some words at the top. It was a challenge project about 6 years ago, but the group disbanded and I tossed it aside.
I bought this on eBay a few years ago, pretty much as it is here. All I've done so far is a bit at the bottom where the kangaroos are. All it needs now is the word Australia at the top, and a few more names of towns on the map.
This was the very first round robin I took part in! Once I got it back, I should have finished the edges etc, but again, lost interest in it because I wasn't happy with my lettering at the top! So that will be fixed, and a border done.
This isn't really a UFO - more a WIP, as I started it last year, and take it with me to work on when I have to wait somewhere. The next time it will be worked on will most likely be in late February when Ken has an appointment to see his cardiologist. I always get lots of stitching done in that waiting room!
This is a Semco Blackwork kit. I wish I'd never started it, as it will take me a long long time to finish! I deliberately put it on the frame so it is 'in my face' whenever I walk into my craft room. I'm very good at ignoring it, though..


Miss 376 said...

Look forward to keeping up with your progress. It will be lovely to get them finished

Joy V said...

Would you believe - I am working on the map of Australia right now!!! Just a little bit of stitching each day - I have the bottom part to finish. When I finish will put a photo on my blog...Great minds............

Gina E. said...

Thanks, Jane and Joy....Joy, you have email re the map cross stitch. Look forward to seeing yours when it is finished!

Linens and Royals said...

Good luck with the U.F.O's. I love that map of Australia and hope you have it finished soon.