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Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Over at Patra's Other Place, I posted a spiel about my new year resolutions - something I don't usually do, but this year I have a few things to focus on. I've thrown away an old favourite pair of slippers, I've committed Ken and myself to filling in our daily rainfall chart (not difficult, seeing it might not rain again for months), and I've signed up for Pam Kellogg's monthly Biscornu challenge. Well, she doesn't call it a challenge, but it will be for me, lol! I've only made one biscornu, and enjoyed doing it so much, I was determined to make more of them. But last year I got involved in so many swaps, exchanges, round robins, etc. that I didn't have time to do all the things I wanted to. (Does that sound familiar to everybody who is reading this??)
So, my fourth New Year resolution is to spend this year's stitching time on keeping up with Pam's biscornus and working on my UFO stash. I get really disheartened and cross with myself, when I look in the cupboard and see all this stuff. Stuff that I started but didn't finish, and stuff that other people started and didn't finish. Silly me took their stuff on without taking my own into consideration. Some of it was MIL's work. It amuses me to know that 80 years ago, there were women who started things but didn't finish them - just like us!
I've noticed on some of my favourite blogs that there are a few other stitchers who have also decided to concentrate on finishing UFOs this year. Must be the Year of the UFO. Well, it will be interesting to see the results in 12 months' time. Will I have completed 12 biscornus? And will I have finished any UFOs? I certainly won't have finished ALL of them - MIL's suppercloth will probably take me all year on its own. Ah well, battle on regardless and rewardless.

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Miss 376 said...

Whatever you do, have fun doing it. We will miss you on some of the exchanges though