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Monday, January 04, 2010

Meeting with like-minded people!

On Sunday afternoon I met up with five ladies who have got to know each through the Internet, primarily on the Stitchin Fingers website. Sharon B. the creator of Stitchin Fingers, was in Melbourne, staying at The Windsor with her husband, for a few days, and invited some of her Melbourne contacts to meet up with her for coffee. My friend Sharon H., who I had met years ago also via the Internet was in our group, and she has done such a good write-up on her blog, with great photos, I'm not going to write about our afternoon - just hop over to "A Stitch Today" and read on! Here is one of the photos I took: From left: Sharon H. (standing), Wendy (sitting), Robbie (sitting), Sharon B, Wendy.


Virtual Quilter said...

The stitches are getting tangled!
I met Sharon B in Canberra last January, and Robbie in Adelaide in November ...... and looking forward to meeting more stitchin fingers sometime, somewhere. I am sure it will be fun!
Judy B

Doreen G said...

I am glad that you got to see and touch Sharon's fabulous quilt and her sampler roll.
The work is truly amazing.

Lakshmi said...

Hello Gina,
nice to see all the lovely ladies together..

sharonb said...

Hi Gina - I am back home now and catching up - I did enjoy myself - it was so much fun