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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fabric postcards.

I am committed to making a few more FPCs early this year, for the birthday exchange group I organised on Stitchin Fingers. There are two birthday girls in January, and I've just mailed these cards off to them today:
I used old doilies as the starting point for both of these, and embellished them with sead beads, sequins, lace, and stitches.


nima said...

wow...that looks gorgeous

Miss 376 said...

They are both very pretty, they'll both be very much appreciated

sheilasanderson said...

Wonder which one is for me? Don't want to know let it be a surprise

Gina E. said...

Well, I'm not telling you which is yours, Sheila, but I hope you like the one I've sent you!!

Nicki Lee said...

Gina, Your cards are very pretty - I love your idea of using the hankies and will have to try that out next time I make a few for Valentines.

Thank you for the peacock patterns - they are both just awesome!