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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Embellishing Chief UFO.

At the Quilt and Cross Stitch exhibition I wrote about a few days ago, among Jenny's beautiful cross stitch pictures were two American Indians. Not the same as mine (I think hers were from the Fox Collection), and I noticed she had embellished them with beads and some silver icons. When I asked her about those, she explained that the silver bits were in the kit, but she had added some turquoise beads. It really enhanced her work, and I told her about my Indian chief. She invited me to bring it in to show her, so I did, and she made some suggestions. I also showed one of the Guild members on Tuesday, and she also gave me some advice.
So, I am planning to add turquoise beads to the areas where the cross stitch indicates turquoise beading on the regalia. There is a white strip dangling from his ear, which is plain white cross stitch with a vertical row in the middle, completely unstitched. I have tried stitching silver metallic thread there and it didn't look right. Jenny suggested more turquoise beads, and W. at the Guild suggested coral or terracotta beads, as there are small lengths of that colour at the end of that white section. Anyone reading this who is interested, please go back a couple of posts here, click on Chief UFO to enlarge the picture, and have a look. I am always pleased to hear what people suggest.


loulee1 said...

I have to agree with you. I think the addition of some beads would be great. Good luck with whatever you decide.

SharonH said...

My advice to you Gina would be to get real pieces of turquoise rather than plastic pieces as this adds to the 'real' feeel of the piece... They should be easy enough to find - Spotlight over here these days cater very much for the beading person and they have all sorts of bits... I shall keep my eye out for you too... S

Gina E. said...

Thank you Lou and Sharon. Sharon, I bought some plastic ones at the $2 shop in Eltham, just to play with to start me off. Are you available one Saturday or Sunday for an hour or so, when I can come over and get you to show me how to do this?

Miss Eagle said...

Barb's pieces are charming - each one. She knows how to pick 'em doesn't she.

Blessings and bliss