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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

All my Christmases came at once today!!

Well, that's what it felt like! An ENORMOUS package from Barb (Woof Nanny) in California, and a smaller one also from the USA (eBay auction win). The eBay parcel is a pair of pillowcases with peacocks, so you can go here and see them.
Barb does clever things with men's ties, so I rounded up a dozen or so Aussie ties from local opshops and sent them off for her to play with. In exchange, she scoured her opshops, and this is what she found: Completed cushion cover worked in wool. Printed on the side it says Avon Products. Did Avon sell stitching kits at some time? Completed tapestry square, probably meant for a footstool or chair. Jacobean-style crewel embroidered cushion cover.
Two table runners, appliqued guest towel, several doilies, set of six napkins, a handkerchief, two pack of Aunt Martha iron on transfers (Southern Belles!) and a magazine article about collecting vintage linen.
I happened to have all this with me when I popped in to visit Ken's Mum this afternoon. When I explained that this was in exchange for men's old ties, she said "I have Ken's father's ties still here. Do you think Barb would like them?" Barb, they will be on their way to you next week!


Trudi M said...

If you want some help with your colors and stuff let me know. I'll try to help. I emailed other bloggers to learn what I did. Thanks for the positive feedback. One quick thing, go to the area where you post a click on the tab, templates. You can click on any style there... and it will show your stuff in that template.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

What a wonderful package ... you sure have an exciting bunch of stuff there.
Take care, Meow

woof nanny said...

I so hope you're pleased--I had a heck of a time finding anything. I really notice linens more now though. I think it's a wonderful thing to collect.

woof nanny said...

Oh, duh, my computer hates this beta thing, so commenting from my own computer takes forever. I was so amazed at being able to comment, I totally forgot to thank you for the ties--but yay! That purple one in the middle looks really cool. Please tell her thank you for me also :)

Alice said...

They are really lovely pieces. I'd just want to keep looking at them.

Maggie Ann said...

How wonderful! And, the ties are such a personal thing, almost like a fingerprint of the man. I guess because ties are familiar to us, having seen them worn over the years. Men always get the conventional colors and I think its great that they get to wear beautiful ties...and what a selection too! You know, I forgot to answer your question, about whether I enjoyed the violinist A.R.? I forget his name,can you believe that!. I've watched him on PBS..tv channel. He is SO talented! Your packages are a feast for the eyes, you must have so much fun!!!