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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Framing the professional way.

Remember the Victorian perf. paper sampler I won on eBay in England? I took it to the Embroiderer's Guild last Tuesday and the members I showed it to were duly impressed. The volunteer I work with on Tuesdays is a very knowledgable lady when it comes to anything to do with embroidery of most kinds. "W" has been a Guild member for many years, and one of her duties is handling the commissions that come in from the public. I asked her advice about framing my sampler, and she gave me detailed instructions on getting it ready for the framer. Here is what I did tonight: Obtain a piece of acid free board from a friendly picture framer (Leo Scott in Eltham does all my framing jobs and was happy to give me this offcut).
Place a piece of soft white cloth such as flannelette across the board where the sampler will sit. A piece of linen is now laid over the white cloth, brought around to the back of the board, and laced tightly.
Sampler sitting on top waiting to be secured to the base. This is going to be a delicate operation. W. advised me to attach it with crochet cotton, stitching it about 5 cm apart. (Ordinary cotton might cut through the paper.) I am going to have to use a curved needle I think, otherwise I risk tearing the paper as I lift it to take a needle through.


loulee1 said...

I'm sure it is worth all the extra care and effort. It looks good so far.

Helen said...

Thank you, dear. Next lot of marmalade on stove top at the moment.
See you!

Lee-ann said...

The end results are going to be well worth the effort you are putting in now Gina..........to think it now is part of a wonderful collection her in Australia, it is a long way from its original home but in the best loving and caring hands I know.

cnnot wait to see it all framed up and hanging on your wall.

ps: ((smiles)) will email soon.

Aussie Stitcher said...

It looks great, you have been busy with your framing.


Maggie Ann said...

That will be a tricky sewing job but oh that sampler is wonderful....smile.