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Friday, October 07, 2005

Some pix of my linen collection. Birds, Assisi, etc.

After seeing some Assisi work on another blog, and putting a pic on here of one of my tablecloths worked in the Assisi style, I vaguely remembered having some more of this style of stitching in my collection. So tonight being Friday - always a relaxed kind of evening here, with no early starts tomorrow, I decided to hunt these pieces out of the collection and scan them. But typical of me, once I get into my collection (Linda and Sharlee can visualise me I am sure!), I just get lost in the whole lot, admiring everything all over again...So I extracted a few other items as well as the Assisi work, and decided to put them all on just for fun - with apologies to those of you on dial-up!
Each item will have its own description, but there is one in particular that I would like my dear friend Pam K to have a look at, and comment on if she would be so kind. Of course, I will welcome anybody else's feedback as well, as I am really stuck for ideas on finishing this UFO. It is a long stitch picture of a trio of Gouldian Finches (an Aussie native bird), which I have completed except for the background. The design was printed on the canvas, and the cottons were provided with the kit, but the instructions don't say anything about what to do with the background. I figured the only colour appropriate would be white, so you can see where I have started to fill in the bottom section in a kind of satin stitch. I also did a bit of half cross stitch between two of the birds on the right, but decided it was too time consuming. Any clues would be greatly appreciated! Apart from that, I hope you enjoy seeing some more of my collection.

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