"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Sunday, October 02, 2005

A happy day makes a nice change!

Isn't it strange how you can plan a weekend, and it turns out quite differently? We didn't really have much planned this weekend, although I wanted to visit a Quilt Show at our local community centre. It was only there for the weekend, and I had been phoning my stitching friends, but without much luck - they either didn't answer their phone, or they had other arrangements. My friend H around the corner had told me about the exhibition a couple of weeks ago and indicated she would like to go. So I called her this morning and she happily agreed to come with me. Neither of us have ever done quilting or patchwork, but we greatly appreciate the work that goes into it, so we thoroughly enjoyed our stroll through all the vibrant colours and fantastic designs. A cup of tea followed, then back home.
It was about 1 pm, and I asked the MOTH what he was going to do for the rest of this fine sunny day and he muttered something about mowing the lawns. Well, I wasn't going to sit around and watch that all arvo, so I decided to collect an ebay win from a lady who lives about half an hour's drive away. I called her to make sure she was home, which she was - then on the way over, I stopped to fill up with gas ($1.25 a litre - bleah. While I was there, I got a cash advance to pay for my ebay wins and a few groceries on my way home. When I arrived at the house, C was just putting some cups of tea out on the front porch for herself and her husband, and she asked if I would like to join them, so I accepted. We chatted for a while, then C took me inside to complete our transaction. She happened to mention that she had a cupboard full of linen and of course my eyes glazed over, so she got it all out to show me. The money I had withdrawn for groceries soon went on other things, which she was happy to sell me outside of eBay (she hadn't list them yet), so we were both pleased with our transactions.
All in all, a very pleasant Sunday - both morning and afternoon. Here are two of the items I purchased from C - a teacosy and matching doiley, and a traycloth. I also bought three aprons from her, but they are too big for the scanner, so they will have to wait until I can get some photos of them. As well as those two items, I have included a pic of my Gingerbread Man, for the Xmas Round Robin I was working on. Finished that tonight, so it will be on its way to the USA in a few days. Finally, a pic of two of the Aunt Martha Transfer sets that Pam K. sent me. I will scan the rest of them eventually, but for tonight, I think I have enough to make Patra's Place interesting!


ms*robyn said...

what a great Sunday you had! and always better to spend money on stuff like that than boring old groceries!

Pam Kellogg said...

Oooh Gina, I'll bet I could just get lost in your linen collection. What lovely things you have! And so many of them are quite unlike anything I see here in the US. I love seeing your beautiful pieces.

Gina E. said...

Hi ladies! Pam, most of the items I have bought from the USA via eBay are completely different from what is commonly found over here. For instance, peacocks. I have bought most of my peacock embroidered items from the USA, as they are just not around in Australia for some reason. Maybe it was not a popular subject to stitch, who knows?